The online release of The 6 Week Shred Diet has generated a lot of buzz about the new weight loss plan behind this book. This is not just another dieting fad, according to Dr.  Ian K. Smith. He wrote the book by relying on his own years of experience with crafting diets and on some very basic concepts in health that never fail.

The 6 Week Shred Diet

     The 6 Week Shred Diet

The 6 Week Shred Diet

Shred the Revolutionary Diet does make one dazzling promise that may sound like those made by other diets. Dr. Ian K. Smith claims that this diet will help adherents meet the 6 weeks 4 inches 2 sizes challenge. How it plans to help dieters do this is the revolutionary part.

This diet is not typical. Most diets focus on restrictions or limits. Dieters either have to avoid certain classes of food or only eat at appointed times of which are not too close together. These limitations are what make adherence to them so difficult. This also raises the failure rate because  most people do not have the incredible self-discipline required to exclude such a variety of food from their diets. Shred the Revolutionary Diet does focus on the inclusion of certain foods in your daily menu. However, it also encourages frequent eating.


Diet Confusion

Athletes and bodybuilders understand the concept of muscle confusion. When they fall into a routine and do the same exercises at the same times, their progress stagnates. Muscles become accustomed to the exercises and slow their growth. To overcome this issue, people in training have to exercise at various times and use different muscles.  This keeps the body reacting to new stimulus and building muscle in response.

Diet confusion works on similar principles. Dr. Ian K. Smith attests that you can accustom your body to a certain weight and shape by eating the same foods. This is what makes weight loss, even when spurred by diet and exercise, seem futile at times. Your body simply adjusts to the new routine and stops progressing in the direction that you are pushing. As a consequence, your metabolism re-balances and fat begins to accumulate again.

Shred the Revolutionary Diet confuses your metabolism just as athletes confuse their muscles. You alter the types of food eaten as well as the quantity of each meal. You do so irregularly so that the metabolism can never develop a schedule. Therefore, it can never slow down and it keeps burning calories, including those stored in fat.

Shred Diet, 6 weeks 4 inches 2 sizes

Often, a diet will present a vague plan for its adherents to follow. After getting excited by some of the general philosophies involved in a new diet, you may have been frustrated later on when it proved difficult to follow a clear schedule. That does not happen with Shred the Revolutionary Diet.

Dr. Ian K. Smith has put such effort into this diet that you can follow it meal-by-meal for six weeks. This includes all the snacks that are intentionally interspersed throughout the days and weeks of this diet. Cardiovascular exercise, in whatever form possible, is recommended. Dr. Ian K.  Smith suggests 45 minutes per day but the details of that aspect of the diet are left up to you.

The diet is scheduled to last just six weeks. It is very carefully orchestrated without becoming repetitive or predictable as far as your metabolism is concerned. Each day contains four meals and three snacks. While that may sound overly generous, each instance of food intake is calorie controlled. Like many other diets these days, Shred the Revolutionary Diet includes many whole grains and lean proteins along with plenty of fruits and vegetables.

There is little room provided for caloric luxuries such as alcohol and soda. As you might imagine, refined carbohydrates are similarly prohibited, since they just throw empty calories into your system.

The Detox Effect

Complementing the core of this diet is a detoxification element designed by Dr. Ian K. Smith. Along with the calorie-controlled meals of each day, dieters are instructed to drink various teas, juices and oils. These fluids are not just for hydration. They are meant to help you cleanse your body and clear the pathways for weight loss. The doctor assures readers that these liquids will improve the function of the digestive tract and increase energy levels. The latter will be helpful in sustaining the exercise portion of the diet plan. These drinks include Hibiscus tea, cranberry juice and lemonade or lemon water with flax seed oil.

Like any dieting plan, the 6 Week Shred Diet will only work as well as your commitment to it. The great thing about the 6 weeks 4 inches 2 sizes challenge is that it is so much easier to adhere to the plan presented in the book. At the end of the six weeks, Dr. Ian Smith encourages you to look in the mirror and decide if you like what you see.